The Old Yerevan quarter is located in the very heart of the city, in the area of the Main avenue, on the sections of Abovyan, P. Buzand, E. Koghbatsi and Aram streets. It covers an area of about 1.85 hectares.

A quarter from the center of Yerevan dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries is being reconstructed in this historical-architectural district, making it a tourist pedestrian zone. 14 historical buildings representing the architecture of residential houses with their merged inner yards and greenery, as well as with wooden balconies, added other historical monuments and buildings that have been demolished in the last two decades have been preserved in this area.

In the territory of Old Yerevan quarter comfortable showrooms, cafes, restaurants, which go out to the open halls and pedestrian zones, specialized exhibition halls and museum-shops, art galleries, small hotels and many more are expected to be built.

Now the first phase of construction works has started. The Revenue house designed by architect V. Mirzoyan, Mirzoyan brothers’ house and the Revenue house of Hakhnazaryan are being built now․

The architecture, structure, floors

Old Yerevan project received its name in 2005 according to the government's decision. The name is conditional and does not mean the creation of an ethnographic quarter, but the re-creation of the historical and architectural environment. In the architectural interpretation of the project, the harmony of old and new forms is used- inner courtyards of Yerevan, arched open halls with wooden ornaments, vertical landscaping, modern glazing and so on.

In the Old Yerevan’s cultural and social quarter there are going to be built 4 ground floors, 2 of which are renewable monuments and the other 2 are added. There are also going to be 3 underground floors, one of them is the cellar intended for public use. Two underground floors are designed to build for parking lots.

The building has an additional 2 floors, an outdoor roof with lawn and decorative trees.

Besides the underground floor for cellar, there are 2 underground floors, which are designed to be parking lots.

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