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Address: 12 Buzand str., Yerevan, RA

How to reach

How to reach

The Old Yerevan quarter, where the revenue house with shops designed by architect Vasiliy Mirzoyan (12 Buzand Str.), Mirzoyan brothers' house (12 Buzand Str.) and the Revenue house of Hakhnazaryan (11/1 Aram Str.) are located, can be reached in several ways. From the Republic Square we should go up to Abovyan street, then turn left to Aram street. We can also reach there walking down to Abovyan Street: From the intersection of Abovyan and Buzand streets, the old Yerevan quarter begins.

In case of coming from Mashtots Avenue, it is necessary to cross the Mashtots Park to Koghbatsi street from where the old Yerevan district begins. Here we can also reach walking down to Abovyan Street. From the intersection of Abovyan and Byuzand streets to the right, the quarter begins, and in this part the revenue house with shops and Mirzoyan brothers’ house are located next to each other.

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