The Revenue house with shops designed by architect Vasiliy Mirzoyan (address: 12 Buzand Str.), Avetik Mirzoyan’s house (address: 12 Buzand Str.) and the Revenue house of Hakhnazaryan (address: 11/1 Aram Str.) which are all a part of Old Yerevan quarter are located in the very heart of Yerevan-in Downtown, near the Republic Square. The above-mentioned houses are located opposite to each other, respectively, on Buzand and Aram streets, between the streets of Abovyan and Kochinyan.

Mashtots avenue which is the most important road traffic pulse in Yerevan, passes through the area which is also very close to “Republic Square” metro station of Yerevan. The Museum of history of Armenia, the National Gallery of Armenia, the Arno Babajanyan concert hall, which are all considered to be the most important cultural centers of the capital are located nearby. Nearby streets are Abovyan Street and Northern Avenue, which is directly linked to the Opera.

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